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Legal Services

Professional Legal Services

TURNER LAW LIMITED is here to help you in all of your business and real estate endeavors as well as your estate planning needs. To learn more about our services, reach out to us in Reno, Nevada, or give us a call today.

Registered Agent Services

If you require a registered agent in Nevada, we can help. We will take service of process for the entity of your business and act on your behalf. This is very useful if your company is in state or out of state. We will take care of all the paperwork and documents served to us in an efficient and timely fashion and can even obtain extensions on your behalf. Call us today to get a quote, and we will explain what is included with this service.

Registered Agents

Formation of Business Entities

We focus on the creation of the appropriate entity for you to most efficiently conduct your business and protect your business assets. We can assist in creating corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited partnerships, and the variety of specialized entities available in Nevada. We can explain the advantages and disavantages of each type of entity to best suit your needs from both tax and business aspects.

Entity Formation

Real Estate Transactions, Negotiations, Litigation, & Agreements

If you are dealing with real estate transactions, including purchase and sale, easement disputes, boundary line adjustments etc...  You are going to need to have legal advice. You may also need help negotiating the terms of an agreement, and if there is a breach of agreement, you may need help with enforcing your rights and possible litigation. We can either create the real estate contracts for buying or selling or review them and provide advisement about what terms should or should not be included in the agreement. We will also help you evaluate any possible legal issues that may arise, and help resolve the matter to your desired conclusion.

Gavel, House, and Money

New Contract

Business, Commercial, & Contract Disputes

We can assist you in creating a variety of contracts in general and know how to tackle a variety of disputes that may arise. To learn more about how we can help you with creating a contract or dealing with contract disputes, give us a call today.

General Business & Civil Litigation

If you have a business dispute, it may lead to litigation. We are capable of taking your case to court and representing your interests. We will review your case and determine the best way to handle it. If your case falls under an area of the law that we cannot help you with, we can assist you in locating a lawyer that can. We can handle the legal issues that may arise before or after it goes to court.

Tax & Business Planning

Our business planning services help people who are looking to set up a business and need guidance. We can provide advice relating to the type of entity you should operate, the type of liability you can protect yourself from, how to enter into contracts, securing needed licensing, and dealing with various government agencies.  We can advise you regarding all matters concerning the establishment and the operation of your business. Such services can include asset protection. You may also need to create an entity rather than operate as a sole proprietor or partnership. We can advise you of the implications of setting up a business albeit tax or business aspects.

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